Song and Plants

Song and Plants starts with the songs about plants and then elaborates with images, video and a podcast. Below are the links to each tune and all accompanying conversations, descriptions and imagery!

As a prelude to the tunes, these two episodes explore the concept, describe some terminology and offer a few fun examples of scientific wit (and eccentricities)!


Once upon a time in a squash flower....

The evolutionary dance between Peponapis pruinosa (squash bee) and Cucurbita pepo (squash) has entwined the two species. Now they have a love song (and nine podcast episodes)!

Botanical Berceuse

The tune is a lullaby of sedative herbs. The video shows the plants as they are sung and the podcast episodes tell their stories.


Amaranthaceae is a delicious and nutritious family. The song highlights five familiar species and the video features their beauty. The podcast episodes will persuade you to welcome these plants into your garden and onto your dinner plate!

Vegetable Canon

A canon for vegetables! This lonely, slightly haunting lament features the nomenclature of some tasty garden treats. The podcast episodes dig deeply into these familiar botanical delights, revealing their secrets.

Waterplant Waltz

Slightly eerie but teaming with curiosities, this tune is for water lovers! The podcast episodes dive into water ways, life and adventures...


Some deadly and many delicious, this song is an ode to the nightshade family!