We went with hemlock siding.

The glazing is triple wall polycarbonate. Two 300 pound counter weights were used to allow a five foot extension on the scaffolding. This facilitated the installation of the sheets without putting any pressure on the…

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Roof, Walls and Insulation

The walls and roof are plywood as we had decided to go with spray foam insulation. I realize that spray foam is not the most environmentally friendly option but it was available and provided extra structural integrity as well as…

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There were many issues with supply chain in 2021 but we managed to get a local sawmill to provide hemlock for the majority of the build. Framing started June 22.

We decided to have a 60 degree angle for the…

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Climate Battery

We are lucky to have wonderful local excavators to level and shape the grounds beautifully as they filled in and around the foundation. Their skill made the job of arranging the layers of piping much easier. (Tall dog for perspective)…

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The footing was poured first, followed by the foundation a week later.

It is 8' high and 8 inches thick.

5 inches of styrofoam with a vapor barrier were installed to keep the frost out, establishing the heat sink.


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The Dig

It was a collaborative project. We hired a fantastic architectural technologist who has a passion for passive solar greenhouse design and a highly skilled, open minded, creative, local builder.

The hole was dug such that the piping would lay inside…

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Breaking Ground

It is amazing to watch a dream becoming a reality. On the original garden map there had been a large rectangle where 'one day' a greenhouse might stand. For four years I grew tomatoes in that location. At the beginning…

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